Cment Global LLC

Founder; President and CEO

Charlie Tate Jr.

Film & Music Producer . Actor . Songwriter . Lead Guitarist, ASCAP

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Although born just outside Chicago Illinois, the city that brought us “Electric” Blues, Charlie Tate Jr. spent more than half of his career performing Gospel Music with world renown Gospel acts. Charlie picked up the guitar in the latter part of his 13th year after suffering a deep, personal loss. He has since credited his ability to play guitar and create music, as a great source of his healing. His healing was evident to those around him a few short months later, when Charlie was called into musical worship at his family’s Joliet church. After a time, he was approached and recruited to tour, as lead guitarist, with The Miracles, Charlie was just 14. He later confessed, playing those dates knowing only 2 chords; but the way he played those chords was the topic of conversation. Charlie went on to tour over the next 20 plus years with: Grammy Nominated, Trinnitee 57, Grammy Award Winner Kim Burrell, Stella & Dove Award Winners, The Gospel Keynotes, while also playing bass guitar with Sandy Foster’s Blind Boys and, his dream come true, 3X Grammy Award Winners, The Mighty Clouds of Joy; receiving an accolade at the 1996 Olympic Games, recorded 2 Live CDs and a live video with the latter. Branching out into R&B, Charlie also performed with Rico Love and laid lead guitar tracks with G Womack. Much of his body of work as a Recording Artist and Music Producer continues to be heard, in syndication, on Network TV’s most celebrated shows, including, early millennium hits, CSI Miami and Las Vegas Nights. His entrepreneurial spirit ever present, Charlie has also experienced a great deal of success in business, outside of the entertainment industry. Recently bringing his business know-how back to the Arts, his newest venture Cment Global LLC, has him signed as the production company’s first artist. Also  currently in production rotation, “Tha Referee”, staring Charlie plus one or more of his hilarious characters and his highly-anticipated E.P is currently streaming on all major platforms world-wide.

In just under 3 years of business, Charlie has been Associate Producer on five films, with number 6 coming soon:

1. “Henri” staring Burt Reynolds, Eric Roberts and Robert Lasardo, released January 2019 on Monark Films.

2. “Never Heard” and it’s all star cast, released November 2018 in 480 theaters on Gravitas Ventures also partnered with TBN.

3. “Hunting Session” staring Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Clifton Powell, Migal A. Nunez Jr. Foreign Box Office 100 theaters on Monark Films.

4. “Bellas’s Story” staring Sharon Leal, Nestor Serrano, Beau Casper Smart, Jason Gedrick, Miguel Nuniez, Alex Thomas, Chris Spencer, Jay Hieron & Bella Rose released Digital September 2018 on Monark Films.

5. “My Brothers’ Crossing” Staring Daniel Roebuck, James Black, Paul Ben-Victor and directed by Ricky Borbo.  Available for streaming now.

6. “Help” the second all star cast, & sixth movie in production currently.



 President A&R

Kevin R. Cooney 

  Film Producer, Actor, Drummer, Sr. IT Business Analyst, ASCAP

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Although he’s a very talented drummer, Kevin’s journey as a musician began with learning piano at age 5. As he approached his teen years, Kevin used his musical talents, which by then included guitar, drums, and singing, to impress the girls in his hometown Waverly, New York. Shortly after, moving to Virginia at age 13, Kevin received his first drum set as a Christmas gift from his parents. Since then, Kevin has played with several acts in the D.C. area, Florida, Atlanta and spent 20 years in Austin, Texas. There he played in the Austin Concert Series “Aquafest”, opening for touring acts and performed in South by Southwest several times. Moving to Atlanta, GA. Kevin played for Angela Reign, who was nominated “Best Female Country Artist” for each of their 3 year musical relationship and won the title in 2013. Kevin is currently located and playing live in Arizona with several acts and President of A&R at Cment Global LLC. He is also co-producer of several acts and movie productions. In addition, Kevin attended John Casablanca Modeling and Acting and appeared as an extra and featured extra in movie productions in Georgia and Texas.


Help – Associate Producer

Hunting Season – Associate Producer

Bella’s Story – Associate Producer

When Pigs Fly – Bar Patron – Anthony ‘APAR’ Parsons

Hunger Games – Mockingjay – District 8 – CLCasting

Blended – Background – Tammy Smith Casting

Hard Promises – Wedding Band (credited) – Third Coast Casting

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – Background – Third Coast Casting


Henri – Associate Producer

Being Mary Jane -Detective – Bill Marinella Casting

Being Mary Jane – Architect – Bill Marinella Casting

The Originals – Background  – Tammy Smith Casting

HEB Video Stores – Video Store Customer – Third Coast Casting

The Belli Tapes – Witness – Third Coast Casting

True Women – Background – Third Coast Casting

TRAINING Business Casting Everett Henly Atlanta, Georgia Audition Procedures/Slate – Kenya Thomas, Atlanta, Georgia. Improvisation Workshop – Kenya Thomas, Atlanta, Georgia. Improvisation Workshop – Mike Yow Atlanta, Georgia.  Runway Techniques, Keisha Mapp, Atlanta, Georgia.  Ballroom Dancing. Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Fairfax, Virginia

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Almeda College and University – BS Business Administration