Each NFT will entitle the owner to the following:

  • One FREE audio download of the music single ‘Hold Ur Head Up’ from Charlie & Friends. (Available in the music section of this website)

  • Exclusive access to an INVITATION ONLY online screening and behind the scenes interview with the cast of the Romantic Comedy production of ‘Tha Referee’.

  • NFT owners who are active in the ‘Hold Ur Head Up’ Telegram Group at the completion of production will appear in the credits at the end of the movie ‘Tha Referee’ as Associate Producers either as the (‘Hold Ur Head Up’ Telegram Group) or individually named, at the discretion of the Executive Production staff.

The NFT IS TRANSFERABLE (we encourage it). Buy several and give them to your friends and family. Or they can be sold or traded on the WAX Atomic Hub Marketplace at your discretion.

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Create and Purchase WAX wallet and crypto currency

1. Create your WAX Cloud Wallet account on of use a private key wallet application such as Anchor.
2. Purchase WAX (waxp) tokens from a participating cryptocurrency exchange. Options available on the WAX website as you create your wallet. (,, etc…)
3. If you have chosen to use the WAX Cloud Wallet, transfer ONLY 5 of your newly purchased WAX token to your WAX Cloud Wallet to activate it.
4. Once you have activated your new WAX Wallet you can transfer the remainder of your waxp tokens to your WAX Wallet Address.
5. Join the ‘Hold Ur Head Up’ Telegram Messenger chat group at to receive help and join the conversation with Producers, Associate Producers and cast of the upcoming Romantic Comedy move ‘Tha Referee’.
6. Return here to purchase and redeem your NFT for a promo code that you can use to download your audio single of Hold Ur Head Up.


How to Buy and Redeem your NFT

Buying your NFT(s)

1. Click the ‘Buy NFT’ button at the top of the page to navigate to the WAX Atomic Hub Marketplace NFT Sale.
2. Purchase up to two (2) NFT’s per session. Upon buying two (2) NFT’s, the ‘Remaining Claims’ will reset after 3 minutes permitting you to buy up to two (2) NFT’s again. The maximum number of NFT’s that can be purchased by a single account is unlimited until production of ‘Tha Referee’ closes, at which time the sale will officially end.

Request your Promo Code

* Only one (1) download per NFT ID# can be redeemed. All other  NFT benefits remain intact following its sale or transfer.

1. Complete the form below with your valid email address, NFT ID # (found by hovering over or clicking your NFT in your wallet), and your WAX wallet address.
2. An email containing your promotional code will be sent to the email address submitted in the form, which can be used to claim your FREE download.

(Please allow up to 24 hours to validate and complete your request. Thank you for your patience.)

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