When available, each purchase of the NFT will entitle the owner to the following:

  • One FREE download of the music single “Hold Ur Head Up” from Charlie Tate. (Available in the music section of this website)

  • The chance to win Exclusive access to an INVITATION ONLY online screening and behind the scenes interview with the cast of the Romantic Comedy production of “Tha Referee”.  Public random selection of winning NFT’s  to be determined. The more NFT’s you hold, the better your chances to be selected.

  • NFT owners who are active in the “Hold Ur Head Up” Telegram Messenger chat group at the time of production will appear in the credits at the end of the movie “Tha Referee” either as the (“Hold Ur Head Up” Telegram Group) or individually named, at the discretion of the Executive Production staff.

The NFT IS TRANSFERABLE (we encourage it). Buy several and give them to your friends and family, or they can be sold or traded on the WAX Atomic Hub Marketplace at your discretion.

Sign Up for Updates <HERE> to go to the Contact Us page to sign up for email updates on the status of this page and the launch of the NFT.

In the mean time you can follow the instructions below to prepare for your purchase of the “Hold Ur Head Up” NFT.

1. Create your WAX Cloud Wallet account on
2. Purchase WAX (waxp) tokens from a participating cryptocurrency exchange. Options available on the WAX website as you create your wallet.
3. Transfer ONLY 5 of your newly purchased WAX token to your WAX Cloud Wallet to activate it.
4. Once you have activated your new WAX Cloud Wallet you can transfer the remainder of your waxp tokens to your WAX Cloud Wallet Address.
5. Join the “Hold Ur Head Up” Telegram Messenger chat group at Provide your NFT serial number to gain access to the group.