Welcome to the Citelle~sphere by:

ANTAVerse & Cment Global LLC in Minecraft “CHALLENGE”

The Citelle~sphere Challenge Submission Deadline

Midnight Thursday, April 6, 2023

What is Citelle~sphere by:

ANTAVerse & Cment Global LLC in Minecraft CHALLENGE?

Antaverse is a project by Regeneration Matrix Group to create an online ecosystem with the goal of bringing quality products to online stores to benefit children. Since its inception in 2011, Antaverse has grown to participate in the development and promotion of startups in the fields of SpaceX, Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity and Blockchain.

Cment Global LLC, Protean Solutions, LLC and Antaverse have come together to create Citelle~Sphere in Minecraft universe. This “Universe” will launch with a call to CHALLENGE creators, artists, builders or general players to create a theatrical performance stage to be spotlighted in the genesis Citelle~Sphere world as seen in This Video . As the world and universe grow, virtual online performances and events will be held on this stage as well as others within Citelle~Sphere Universe. Creators will be offered a monetization contract of all events and performances conducted in Citelle~Sphere on their stage. Additionally, in-game boutique marketplaces will be offered in the future to further monetize and benefit the project and creators.

How do I participate in the CHALLENGE?

Scan the QR code at the end of the video or visit the Subscribe page to become a Cment Global Member.

Membership entitlements include:

1. Membership only access to virtual events held in any Cment Global Citelle~Sphere Minecraft world.

2. Drop of an exclusive Cment Member NFT powered by the WAX.io blockchain.

3. Log in to download your free exclusive performance copy of “TRY AGAIN” Feat. Grammy Nominated Jekalyn Carr.

Then, create, upload and submit a 5000 blocks or more; Minecraft performance stage by 4/6/2023 for your chance to “WIN” First Place Prize: $500 and 2% monetization contract of your stage within Citelle~sphere by: ANTAVerse & Cment Global LLC in Minecraft. The upload page can be found HERE or by hovering over the top menu item, LOGIN and clicking the Upload sub-menu item.

How to Create and Purchase WAX wallet

1. Create your WAX Cloud Wallet account on https://all-access.wax.io/dashboard of use a private key wallet application such as Anchor.
2. Purchase WAX (waxp) tokens from a participating cryptocurrency exchange. Options available on the WAX website as you create your wallet. (Crypto.com, Bittrex.com, etc…)
3. If you have chosen to use the WAX Cloud Wallet, transfer ONLY 5 of your newly purchased WAX token to your WAX Cloud Wallet to activate it.
4. Once you have activated your new WAX Wallet you can transfer the remainder of your waxp tokens to your WAX Wallet Address.


How to Claim Your Cment Member NFT

The Cment Member NFT is a Proof of Membership NFT identifying the holder as a member in good standing.

1. Complete the form below with your valid email address, and your WAX wallet address.
2. The Cment Member NFT will be dropped to your WAX.io wallet as soon as possible.

(Please allow up to 10 days to validate and complete your request. Thank you for your patience.)


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