Stacey Steele


Stacey Steele has been entertaining crowds as a singer, actress and comic for over 20 years and simply belongs on the stage. Stacey performs in many different settings, with experience in everything from character acting and drama to comedy and improv, and from hosting fashion, award and radio shows to being a pageant queen and expert fitness instructor. Stacey has toured the United States with various bands and traveled internationally with Sweet Adelines where she performed with the choir, as a soloist and in an award winning quartet. Now you can catch Stacey doing her Broadway review, Stacey Steele Live, for South Florida audiences with her father, violinist Sammy Weber. In 2013, Stacey was named Mrs. Greenacres in the US Continental Pageant and although she did not win the Mrs. United States Title, she did receive both the Mrs. Congeniality and Audience Choice awards. The following year, Stacey was selected as Mrs. New York Petite to represent her state in the USA Petite Pageant. She took home third runner up and the director's Spirit Award. Stacey competed in beauty and fitness pageants to promote her platform SoberFit, a non profit organization helping adolescents with mental health and drug addiction issues. Several years ago, Ms. Steele decided to take her career to new levels by adding stand-up comedy to her resume. Stacey now is a regular feature act for actor-comic Carl Rimi in comedy clubs, colleges and many other venues all over the country. She also teaches comedy writing classes for up and coming comedians. Ms. Steele can be seen in several web series, short movies, and feature films. In an interesting twist, Stacey got back to her New York theater roots by joining the amazing cast of the off-Broadway sensation, the Jackie Mason Musical. After doing a local theatrical run with JMM, Stacey took a short break before touring the United States with Wiseguy Kitchen, an interactive musical comedy and cooking show that does both live and television events. She is diligently working behind the scenes in the recording studio with musical comedy "It's Boca, Baby". Stacey is the director, producer and co-creator of the series, Gymbrats 2.0 along with her creative partner, Carl Rimi. She enjoys being on both sides of the camera working as an assistant director, assistant camera operator, assistant editor, producer, script supervisor/continuity editor, website designer, IMDb contributor and of course, as an actor. Whether Ms. Steele is doing comedy or singing, teaching or performing, her personality literally jumps off the stage and grabs you. Better watch comes STACEY STEELE!


Movie Name Release Date
Henri November 4, 2017