Eli Jeffree Zen


Eli Jeffree Zen is first and foremost known for his well versed mixed martial arts experience that's opened many doors in the acting/stunt field. You may have seen him working on everything from NBC's various novellas on Telemundo, to Cannes film festival award winning films like, 'Hidden Assets' (available on iTunes/Amazon). In which he displays his multiple talents as the supporting lead role character, The Calculated Accountant 'Carter Town', coordinating & performing all his own stunts. E.J.Z also showcases his many ranges of ability by the acting/stunts/fight & action choreography skills displayed in his most recent film, 'HENRI' where he gets introduced to the world as the lead role along side, the late legend Burt Reynolds and Hollywood's own, Eric Roberts & Robert LaSardo; releasing early 2019 *post production* (available on, OnDemand/DVD). His action ability meets a versatile no-type-cast style that pushes the envelope of the industry, taking daring roles filled with excitement mirroring what's to come in this all-around talents bright future.


Movie Name Release Date
Henri November 4, 2017